performing olana

September 22-24:  Friday at 6p, Saturday & Sunday at 2p, 4p and 6p

conceived and created by Darrah Cloud, Jeff Mousseau & Paul Ricciardi; written by Darrah Cloud

Ancram Opera House is pleased to collaborate with The Olana Partnership to create a newly devised theater performance to take place on the grounds of Frederic Church’s masterpiece, Olana.

The piece draws inspiration from the artist’s painting, letters, family life and the celebrated landscape of Olana and the Hudson Valley and is presented as an immersive event in which performer and audience journey together into Church’s art.

The project reflects Ancram Opera House's intention to make innovative work that captures life in our region and connects residents and visitors through locally developed performing arts experiences. Be the first to check out this fresh new production.

Photo: Courtesy WMHT Educational Telecommunications, Inc.