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Saturday, June 24 at 8p 

Our SRO summer edition featured local residents telling personal tales. Inspired by the Moth Radio Hour but with its own unique improvised style, RPRS is already a much-anticipated program.  

July 14-16, July 20-23:  Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 8p, Sundays at 7p

Ride the Bus: Hudson Show & Bus Package on July 14, leaving from the Red Dot promptly at 7.15p

written and performed by Frank Boyd
created in collaboration with the TEAM

The Holler Sessions, staged as a live radio show, centers around one man’s burning obsession for American jazz. Ray, an explosive Kansas City DJ, broadcasts his love of jazz from his shoddy studio with an infectious passion for this uniquely American art form.

“Embodied with respect and ferocity by Frank Boyd….Ray radiates a hard-core obsessiveness that’s both scary and contagious.”  Ben Brantley, NY Times Critic’s Pick

Photo: Maria Baranova

August 4-5, August 11-12:  Fridays and Saturdays at 8p

written by Young Jean Lee
original music by Young Jean Lee, Tim Simmonds, Mike Hanf, Nick Jenkins, and Benedict Kupstas

Part pop/indie rock cabaret, part storytelling—a life affirming show about one thing we all have in common.   

“One of the most inexplicably pleasurable experiences of my theatergoing life....A goofily grim and oddly uplifting meditation by one of the most restlessly experimental—and wildly entertaining—writer-directors working in the theater today."   Adam Green, Vogue


HARD RAIN: The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen

SOLD OUT:  Saturday, August 19 at 8.30p

“As much as you may think you know the songs of these two musical patriarchs, the British singer Barb Jungr interprets their work with a ferocity and truthfulness that demolishes every cover version you’ve ever heard. For the audience members who stood and cheered, it was a moment of catharsis.”  Stephen Holden, NY Times

“One of the world's great cabaret singers… Barb Jungr is a genuine original, deploying warmth, high drama and sensitive musicality to reinvent everything she sings”  Time Out NY

Photo: Steve Ullathorne

September 22-24:  Friday at 6p, Sat & Sun at 2p, 4p and 6p

conceived & created by Darrah Cloud, Jeffrey Mousseau & Paul Ricciardi
written by Darrah Cloud

The first look of a new work: a devised theater performance to take place on the grounds of Frederic Church’s Olana. The piece draws inspiration from the artist’s painting, letters, family life and the celebrated landscape and is presented as an immersive experience in which performer and audience journey together into Church’s art.

Photo:: Courtesy WMHT Educational Telecommunications, Inc.